Harmony Hosted - Extensions

Extend the value of your customer data by appending additional information from a variety of data sources.

An address represents a large amount of knowledge about your customers. Getting to this information can involve multiple queries to separate data sources. This can become expensive and unwieldy.

Harmony Extensions provides a single platform that aggregates the knowledge you need from a single query.  We partner with leading data providers to give you access to a wide range of knowledge items, as well as connections to public data sources such as Sensis and corporate databases.

Data sources available:

  • Esri (Silver Partner)
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)
  • Map Data Services (MDS)
  • RDA Research

Ideal for:

  • Marketing, e-commerce, insurance and mortgage applications
  • Using your own data sources or our partners data to append meaningful information to your records
  • Reducing data interface costs
  • Synchronising all search results into a single data record

Our data partners

  • esri Partner Network Silver
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • mapdata services
  • RDA Research
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