Harmony Hosted - Verification

Our Verification Services let you check the accuracy of phone numbers and email addresses as soon as you enter them.

Phone Verification

The phone verification service checks in real-time whether a phone number is Active, Inactive or Unknown on a network.

The service also performs a format check and returns the status and current carrier for each number entered.

Email Verification

This service verifies that an email address exists and if it is active:

  • Checks address syntax against email formatting standards
  • Checks whether the email address domains exists
  • Checks whether the email server exists
  • Checks that the mail box is active

Ideal for:

  • High volume customer touch points including front office, remote devices and web portals.
  • Real time applications such as ID verification, customer onboarding, instant insurance and loan quotations, mortgage processing and others.

Verification is powered by

  • Sensis
  • ReachTel

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