Harmony Suite - Post

Harmony Post ensures all your address data remain accurate and up to date, and certifies your mailing addresses for bulk mail discounts.

Harmony Post cleanses and validates your existing address data against Postal Address Files (PAF) and appends additional data, such as Delivery Point Identifier (DPID), barcodes and mail sort plans.

It is accredited under Australia Post’s AMAS program in Australia and New Zealand Post’s Sendright program.

Key Features:

  • Post Office Accredited
  • Ensures accurate delivery addresses
  • Effective communications through accurate customer addresses
  • Supports accurate segmentation and house holding
  • Reduces returned mail Batch and real time processing
  • AMAS and Sendright certification of bulk mail lodgements
  • Geocoded addresses (New Zealand)

Ideal for:

  • Address mastering and management
  • Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer compliance
  • Location workflow such as hazard risk assessment, property valuation, and customer onboarding
  • Bulk mail lodgements

Our data partners

  • Australia Post
  • AMAS
  • New Zealand Post
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