Harmony Suite 2.10 Release

We are pleased to announce the Harmony Suite version 2.10, which comprises many new features and enhancements.

Here is a summary of the new features available in version 2.10.  A detailed overview can be found in the Harmony Suite v2.10 release notes.

  1. Introduction of GNAF Plus in Harmony Suite

GNAF Plus is an enriched version of PSMA’s GNAF dataset. In addition to the existing GNAF attributes appended to an address GNAF Plus provides attributes associated with the address based on the 2016 Census Data SEIFA (Socio-Economic indexes for the Areas) from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).  For further information regarding the ABS data please go to http://abs.gov.au/websitebs/censushome.nsf/home/seifa.

  1. Country name allocation during parsing

A new PDP (Pluggable Data Processing) module incorporating country name allocation is introduced into this version. This is specifically relevant when processing both Australia and New Zealand addresses in a single instance. The PDP will automatically allocate country name if it is not provided as part of the input.

  1. Multiple address lines now available within the cleanse API

In this latest version, users now have the option to expose multiple address lines within the cleanse API response (e.g. address line 1 contains street information, address line 2 contains locality information and so on). This automatically assembles multiple address lines in the response.

  1. Harmony Suite licensing update via Console

The Harmony Suite Administration Console has been updated to support software license updates. This provides Harmony admin users with the ability to update the license by just clicking a button.

  1. Improved handling of terms in brackets in the input

A new pre-processor has been added to handle terms in brackets and to segregate the terms in another field. Pre-processors are modules built to support the parsing capability.

  1. Introduction of local Harmony Suite Rapid Address demo

A stand-alone Harmony Suite Rapid Address demonstration is available within this release. The Rapid Address service is available for organisations that want a ready-made browser-based Rapid Address look-up using their existing Harmony Suite installations.

We have also made improvements and bug fixes and released those in Harmony Suite version 2.10. A full detailed overview can be found by downloading the Harmony Suite v2.10 release notes.

Please click here to download. 


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