About Us

Whatever your customer challenges, the best solution begins with reliable customer data.

Mastersoft knows that every customer is important to you. That’s why we chase the last 10% of data issues that are the hardest to fix.

Mastersoft is part of GBG, the global identity data intelligence specialist. To learn more about GBG visit www.gbgplc.com

Our Approach

We develop software and solutions for managing customer data: who they are, their contact details and the relationships they have with other customers and other business entities.

We work across a broad range of customer-centric areas such as flood and hazard risk, single customer view platforms and relationship marketing.

We are focussed on helping you manage your customer information to sustain the most effective and productive relationships.

Our Expertise

Our expertise in customer master data has been built over two decades of working with clients in a wide range of industry sectors in all imaginable applications, including CRM, Single Customer View, relationship marketing, data warehousing, spatial analysis, skip tracing, AML and KYC.

Our solutions process over 4 billion customer records each year, delivering accurate, reliable and consistent results. NADIS, our legacy product, has stood the test of time and to this day is still processing high volumes of client data in very large operational systems. Its successor, the Harmony Series, has established itself as the premier customer data management suite in Australia and New Zealand.

Environmental Statement

Mastersoft is committed to the environment.

Together with our customers, suppliers and partners, Mastersoft strives to minimise our environmental footprint through managing our physical consumption of resources including water, paper, and energy; as well as incorporating environmental considerations into our general procurement.  We continue to invest in energy efficient technology and manage our operational processes to reduce office power consumption, paper use and business travel wherever possible. Our organisation will always consider environmental issues when making management decisions and is committed to best environmental practice.