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Our white papers cover all aspects of customer data management.  We hope you find them of interest.

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Single Customer View - Image

Single Customer View

The ability to understand your relationship with each customer is key to important business initiatives. But customer knowledge is spread across different systems, making it difficult to access.

A Single Customer View (SCV) is the ability to link all relevant information for a customer from all systems and deliver it in the right form to the right place at the right time.

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Harmony Inference Matching - ImageHarmony Inference Matching

Customers are at the heart of your enterprise. But their information is spread across all your systems. So it can be difficult to find everything you need to know to make decisions.

These problems arise because customer details are never the same. Any solution needs a robust and reliable tool to match customer records despite differences in spelling, format and presentation.

Mastersoft’s Harmony Series uses an Inference Matching technology that is unique in its accuracy and consistency that delivers a matching process is seamless and error free.

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Information Governance - ImageInformation Governance

The role of information governance is to ensure that business information is managed in the best interests of the organisation and all its stakeholders. 

Many organisations believe that IT manages all aspects of information. However Information management is a collective concern for the organisation. As the consumers of information, business groups must also
take an active role in its management.

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