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How Valuable is Customer Retention?

Customer Retention

Operating a business in the digital era is full of complex challenges. Relinquishing legacy processes to adopt innovative new solutions, transitioning to online and cloud-based applications, implementing mobile means of working for the next generation of employees – these are just a few of the difficulties faced by modern organisations. That said, few shifts have had the same impact as the control customers now have over their engagement with your organisation. Forrester notes that we are now living in the “age of the customer”, a time in history where “the…

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Understanding Information Governance

With the amount of data that modern businesses need to contend with, having strong measures in place to manage it quickly becomes a priority. Implementing an information governance solution is a smart strategic step to maintaining control over all of your valuable and sensitive data, from the moment it’s created right through to its eventual disposal. What is information governance? Nowadays, data forms the basis of everything that happens in your organisation, so it should be considered a business asset just like any other. Accordingly, as you employ people to…

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Driving marketing performance with customer data

There is no shortage of great reasons for businesses to transition from traditional, brick-and-mortar storefronts to e-commerce outlets. The reduced need for physical store space, greater convenience for customers who can shop at any time from any location, increased reach – these are just a selection of the valuable benefits to becoming a digital business. Perhaps less well-known, however, are the ways in which you can leverage customer data to improve service and give your organisation a competitive advantage. While it has always been an important element of business strategy, marketing…

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The Importance of Phone and Email Verification

While address validation is still an essential part of customer data management, the rapidly increasing use of mobile and e-commerce tools means that mobile phone and email verification is now just as critical. Like so many types of customer data, it’s about accuracy – knowing that the phone number or email address you’re contacting is registered and active. When you’re onboarding a customer and the person enters their name and phone number, for example, it’s possible to  immediately perform a real-time check and see if their details are correct. If…

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Why e-Commerce Businesses Should use Address Validation Tools

There are no two ways about it – running a successful modern organisation depends on the use of accurate, relevant data. Research from Gartner has indicated that poor data quality is the primary reason behind the failure of business initiatives, and it can also impact labour productivity by as much as 20 per cent.  For e-commerce businesses that rely on efficient delivery services, there is perhaps no data more vital for success than customer address information. While they may seem like a perfectly simple piece of our identities, addresses contain a…

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