Using Addresses as The Gateway to Spatial Customer Analysis

  A person’s address is a fundamental part of their identity, and accurate addresses are one of the most valuable pieces of customer data your organisation can obtain. For the effective delivery of all manner of services, it’s the first piece of information on the road to understanding your customers. The address itself is important, but once it is accurately verified and tagged with more specific spatial information, it can serve as the gateway to much deeper analysis based on your customers’ spatial location. Greater understanding of the characteristics of people…

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Software for Building a Real-Time View of Customers

In the pursuit of optimal service, there are few assets your business has as valuable as your customer information. Leveraging that data efficiently is critical to most business interactions, so it must be made accessible to customer-facing members of your organisation through intuitive, user-friendly systems. Having data located in different internal systems can inhibit your ability to retrieve and utilise customer information. A traditional data search platform involves entering customer details into a screen, waiting to see what information is returned and then possibly repeating the process if that search doesn’t yield the…

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Understanding Information Governance

With the amount of data that modern businesses need to contend with, having strong measures in place to manage it quickly becomes a priority. Implementing an information governance solution is a smart strategic step to maintaining control over all of your valuable and sensitive data, from the moment it’s created right through to its eventual disposal. What is information governance? Nowadays, data forms the basis of everything that happens in your organisation, so it should be considered a business asset just like any other. Accordingly, as you employ people to…

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Driving marketing performance with customer data

There is no shortage of great reasons for businesses to transition from traditional, brick-and-mortar storefronts to e-commerce outlets. The reduced need for physical store space, greater convenience for customers who can shop at any time from any location, increased reach – these are just a selection of the valuable benefits to becoming a digital business. Perhaps less well-known, however, are the ways in which you can leverage customer data to improve service and give your organisation a competitive advantage. While it has always been an important element of business strategy, marketing…

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Adding Value to Your Business Intelligence with Geocoded Addresses

The Geocode National Address File, or G-NAF, is a geocoded resource for mapping purposes, and serves as a powerful way to analyse your data. Containing over 13 million Australian address records and geocodes, the G-NAF provides an authoritative source of information for businesses. This data can be used in a number of extraordinary ways – to determine planning for buildings and utilities, understand patterns in crime, design the most optimal route for postal services and assess an area for risk in the event of a natural disaster. However, spatial data is best understood when visualised…

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Data and Analytics set to Reshape Businesses

data analytics new business

Few assets offer the same benefits of capable data and analytics (D&A), the science of analysing data with the aim of uncovering patterns and drawing conclusions about the information. It’s a process that’s growing in importance and will reshape businesses in the near future. Wrestling a hold over data, and implementing a D&A approach will be one of the most important areas for a company to focus on. This piece will look at what D&A means for organisations and why quality data will be one of the highest priorities. What is D&A? The…

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