Smoke Alarms Australia

Validating high-volume property addresses with speed and accuracy

The Challenge

Smoke Alarms Australia is the country’s leading and longest running residential smoke alarm specialist. Established in 2005, Smoke Alarms Australia has partnered with more than 800 real estate agents across the country, installing and maintaining smoke alarms for properties under their management.

Property owners and real estate agents across Australia seek Smoke Alarms Australia specialist expertise in installing smoke detectors and checking them for correct positioning and proper functionality.  Their services help the real estate industry meet their legal obligations to comply with Smoke Alarm legislation and manage their duty of care to tenants.

To deliver smoke alarms services in an efficient and effective manner to its customers across Australia, it was vital for Smoke Alarms Australia to have a database of accurate property addresses. The team at Smoke Alarms Australia were looking for a solution that could validate a high volume of property address data files in a time effective way.

The Solution

Smoke Alarms Australia successfully deployed Mastersoft’s Harmony Post, a batch address validation service and Harmony Hosted Rapid Addresses Validation Service, to standardise its customer property addresses across its high volume touch points including front office, remote devices and web portals.

They implemented Harmony Post to cleanse and validate their existing address data against Postal Address Files (PAF) and append additional data. They also integrated the Harmony Hosted Rapid Address Validation Service to their interactive web portal which was being used by a large portion of customers to input new addresses into Smoke Alarms Australia’s system.

Smoke Alarms chose Mastersoft’s Harmony solutions based on a variety of factors and after close comparison with competing firms with similar offerings. In their assessment, Harmony Post & Harmony Hosted provided the most compelling value proposition in terms of a flexible, high-speed validation service that was mobile and desktop friendly.

Business Benefits

  • Highly accurate property data
  • Significant reduction in manual labour and operational costs
  • Improved service speed and customer experience
  • Targeted customer communication