Harmony RightAddress 1.10.2 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of Harmony RightAddress 1.10.2

Here is a summary of the main features of the this release.

  • Exposing of position field in both address lookup and cleanse address functionalities
    Additional fields added to determine address match level (i.e. point, street or locality level).
  • Introduction of unknown field in Cleanse API
    Additional field added for unknown characters.
    In example; “XYZ 220 George Street, Sydney, 2000”
    The additional fields would allow the “XYZ” to be saved for potential further use.
  •  Allow date range filtering in Self-Service portal dashboard
    Allowing customer for a better search functionality within the Self-Service portal by filtering using date range.
  • Introduction of Angular JS sample client to return individual address elements
    New sample client for customers who are using Angular JS when integrating Harmony RightAddress
  • Improvement of order of results for ‘PO BOX 1111’ when using combined PAF and GNAF lookup
    When providing the results of a combined PAF and GNAF lookup (eg. PO BOX 1111 is now shown higher in the results than PO BOX 1112)

Various Functional and Non-Functional Improvements

Some performance improvements are introduced in this Harmony RightAddress 1.10.2 release.

  • NZ Floor Level Type and NZ Floor Level Number values are introduced in the response.
    • For address “Level 2, 194 Auckland Avenue” there is only one line for “Level 2”. Now the response splits “Level 2” into “Level” and number “2”.
  • Case conversion is now applied to attribute fields.
    • Attribute fields are additional information related to the address. These fields can now also be case converted if needed.
  • Prevention of timeouts when generating Usage Summary Report from self-service portal.
    • Updated search of historic data that allows no time-outs.
  • Inclusion of strictFieldValidation in online Harmony RightAddress documentation.
  • Documentation for the feature option standardiseSource is added. This standardises the result based on the chosen address reference dataset.
  • Documentation for company lookup method is updated based on recent changes with the API call.

We would like to thank our customers for their valuable input in the continuous development of our Harmony RightAddress Service.

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