Frequent Asked Questions

This section covers the common questions we get asked about Harmony Hosted.  If your question isn’t included then let us know at and we’ll answer it for you.

We provide access to the following data sources:

  1. Australia Post’s Postal Address File (AUPAF) – AUPAF contains details on every delivery point in Australia (over 13 million records), including Delivery Point Identifers (DPID) unique to each delivery point in the country.
  2. G-NAF – Geocoded National Address File. G-NAF makes it possible to verify a physical address and locate its position.
  3. New Zealand Postal Address File (NZPAF) – NZ’s most complete and up-to-date database of postal addresses.

Other data sources can be added.  Should you require access to another data source not specified above please contact us.

Yes! For Australian addresses you can search addresses across PAF and G-NAF in a single search session.

Derived from the Postal Address Files, the Delivery Point Identifier (DPID) is a random and unique number allocated to addresses. DPID’s make it easier to manage customer addresses and simplify the process of preparing mail, using barcodes and taking advantage of bulk mail discounts. Using a DPID you are able to assign the correct postal address on each mail piece with 100% accuracy.

Yes. Any address found on the Australia Post’s Postal Address File (AUPAF) and New Zealand Postal Address File (NZ PAF) has an associated DPID assigned to it and can be exposed when required.

Yes, with an Australian address. Barcodes are required for bulk mail discounts. DPIDs are appended to each address and turned into a barcode. Barcode Sort Plans (BSP) can also be appended to assist for bulk mail discounts.

Yes, you can filter postal or physical for Australia Post’s Postal Address File (AUPAF) component address lookup. This can be achieved by setting the filter flag either globally or in-line.

A physical address is an address where a dwelling or sub dwelling is physically located.

A postal address is an address where mail is delivered to by the postal authority.

Single line is searching on address using a single continuous input. Typically left to right.

Example: 220 George Street Sydney


Component Lookup is a hierarchical approach of address search where address components are entered separately such as postcode, then locality, and so on.

Example: 2000 Sydney


Yes, a user can use Harmony Hosted on single or multiple domains using the same account.

Not every address will appear in the official data sets.  This could be for various reasons such as: the actual address does not exist; the address is not recognised by the data set owners; the update schedule of the data set has not yet caught up with the existence of a new address,

Harmony Rapid Address uses authoritative and accredited data sources from recognised local institutions which gathers data from various government and non-government agencies, and which comply to national and international standards for the interchange of address data.  As a result Harmony Rapid Address only returns accurate addresses in their correct format.

The search keystrokes entered (usually part of an address) may be used for technical support and product development purposes only.  However we do not store the source of the keystrokes and we never share any information whatsoever from our clients with any third party.

For front-end implementation, we provide JavaScript files to consume the service. We offer implementation assistance should it be required however most developers should be able to integrate the files easily.

JavaScript can be used for front end implementation while Java or C# can be used for back end implementation.

The number of service calls depends on the type of search. Single Line Address Lookup requires only one call. When using Extensions, multiple calls may be required. Exact details are disclosed once required data sources are determined by the customer.

Harmony Hosted supports all modern browsers.

All technical information can be located on the API and Clients tab by following this link:

Our service lev of 99.95% based on Amazon Web Services. Other services may differ.

Yes. You can try Harmony Hosted Rapid Address on the product page.

Harmony Hosted services are charged per successful transaction.  Our standard contract is annually in advance, but other billing arrangements are available on request.

We define a transaction to occur when an address is selected and submitted to a customer’s system for use in another process.

Contact the Help Desk:

Technical support is available during business hours Monday – Friday, 8:30 – 17:00 AEST.


Australia: 1800 236 096

New Zealand: 0800 367 674

Extended support is available upon request. For any other issues or questions please refer to our contact page.

Yes. For more information on our reseller program please contact

It is a message that advises Harmony Hosted that you have selected an address from the service and moved it into your application.  It provides independent evidence of a completed address selection and is used for billing and audit purposes.

It can be see here.

The ‘Transaction’ method must be called when address has been found using the lookup process and used in your application.