Just how Important is Technology and Innovation for Customer Data?


The need to innovate is something every business will be familiar with, as well as the necessity of adopting new technologies. In fact, a new report from Microsoft has found that small and medium businesses (SMBs) in Australia may need to start looking at other nations in the region for inspiration.

More effective mastery of customer data is just one area where businesses need to innovate when it comes to technology, and it can prove to be something that offers lasting benefits.

SMBs located Down Under could grow as fast as counterparts in other Asia-Pacific nations.

Innovation and technology: The keys to success

A study from Microsoft Australia explained that SMBs located Down Under could grow as fast as counterparts in other Asia-Pacific nations by taking advantage of both innovative ways of working and new technologies.

“The research shows small and medium businesses in the Asia Pacific have a terrific appetite for new technologies,” said Applications and Services Group Lead Steven Miller. “They are bypassing more traditional platforms such as desktops and laptops and being more creative through the use of mobile and cloud solutions to really get ahead, often on limited budgets.”

He went on to explain how Australian and New Zealand businesses could learn from this approach to technology, and utilise technology as a way of competing both locally and internationally.

But is there any suitable starting point for businesses? Bettering control over customer information through innovate new approaches could be one such method.

Innovating through control over data

New cloud-based platforms and powerful collaboration tools are examples of technologies that can help a business to effectively innovate, but there’s another area that can prove even more effective. By enhancing data management within the organisation, companies will be able to improve customer relationships, free staff from the arduous task of searching for the right information and reduce the chance of losing data.

Mastersoft offers a range of solutions that are designed to help companies create successful business workflow, by ensuring reliable information throughout the organisation.

Businesses can’t afford to hesitate when it comes to new and more powerful ways of managing customer data, but it’s important to utilise solutions from the right providers. Speak to Mastersoft to find out more about innovative data management solutions.

Companies will need to innovate over the next few years to stay ahead of competitors, and effectively managing customer data is going to play an important role.