Mastersoft Acquires DataSan, A Salesforce Application

Mastersoft is pleased to announce that it has acquired 100% of DataSan Pty Limited from System Partners.

DataSan provides an Address Validation service for Salesforce, and has been servicing customers for more than 7 years.  Mastersoft has been providing software and solutions for managing the quality of customer master data for over 20 years.

Mastersoft has the infrastructure and expertise needed to support the DataSan product and users.  We have been an AMAS accredited supplier since the program’s inception in 1999.  We develop and support the Harmony Hosted service, a cloud based, AMAS accredited address entry service that is used by a growing number of customers.

Under Mastersoft’s stewardship, DataSan will remain a partner, now with the backing of Mastersoft’s considerable resources and expertise in customer data management and software development.  We will continue to support AMAS accredited address entry services, including all data upgrades.

DataSan users will have complete access to our famous help desk and software support resources.  We have also appointed Hine Ropiha as the dedicated DataSan account manager who will work closely with every account to ensure a seamless transition into the Mastersoft family.

About System Partners

Located in Sydney, Australia, System Partners is a leading enterprise Salesforce CRM implementation partner.  With the sale of DataSan to Mastersoft, System Partners have become a reseller of DataSan and other Mastersoft customer data management solutions.