Optimising Your Call Centre Teams with IT

For businesses in a number of industries, the call centre is the most critical customer-facing element. When fielding enquiries, reaching out with new marketing campaigns and gathering valuable customer data, there are few better ways for your workforce to directly engage with your audience.

That said, even the most effective call centre teams can be hamstrung without the best possible technology helping them communicate. So how can your organisation use IT solutions to optimise every customer interaction and deliver an experience fit for modern consumers?

When gathering customer data, call centres have all manner of communication channels open to them.

Transitioning to unified communications

The days when customer service staff exclusively communicated over the phone are a thing of the past for businesses in the digital age. Whether addressing a question about a product or carrying out an address check, call centres have all manner of communication channels open to them – email, social networks, SMS or the traditional phone call.

Unified communications (UC) solutions were developed to bring all of those solutions under a single umbrella, offering improved collaboration, call management and contact information control. The benefits of UC have been explored by Forrester, which found that the solutions had a significant impact on operational efficiency for 73 per cent of companies using them. Meanwhile, 66 per cent reported customer experience had been improved, and 68 per cent noted costs were reduced.

Improving interactions with address validation

Despite all of the IT advancements designed to make our lives easy, people nowadays seem busier than ever. Any interaction we have with business needs to be efficient, allowing us to continue with the next task that requires attention.



[Revised and Updated for MAY 2016]
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Speed is of the essence even more when it’s the business reaching out to the customer rather than vice versa, as getting the information you need and letting people continue with their day will more often result in a pleasant, efficient experience. Address validation software ensures your customer data is accurate and formatted correctly for much faster searching and recovery. Shaving precious seconds off each interaction allows call centre staff to speak to more customers each day, without significantly interrupting their lives.

Mastersoft has the solutions you need to build a more efficient and effective call centre workforce. Get in touch with us today – through whichever means of communication you choose! – and let our expert team guide you towards an optimised customer service.