Return to Form: Speeding up Customer Data Entry

For customers visiting your organisation’s website, a smooth and easy journey is critical. Whether shopping through an e-commerce solution, filling out an application or leaving details for a later contact, any delays and disruptions along the way can lead to a negative customer experience and loss of opportunity.

In the age we now live in, consumer interactions are all about speed and efficiency. It’s not that we all have less time than we did in the pre-digital era – although that’s undoubtedly a factor – but rather that industry-leading customer service providers have shown how streamlined the process can be. Any organisation that doesn’t meet the high standards of the modern consumer will quickly find itself left behind by superior alternatives.

Speeding up online interactions can significantly improve customer retention.

Optimising your website

The first and most essential avenue for engagement for a digital business is the website, and it’s here that your customer interaction abilities and performance will prove their worth. Research from Kissmetrics has shown that 40 per cent of visitors will abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load, with every second of delay decreasing overall customer satisfaction by 16 per cent.

Perhaps even more damaging, that dissatisfaction can trickle outwards through an unhappy customer’s personal networks – 44 per cent of those who have a bad experience online will tell other people about it.

40 per cent of visitors will abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load.

Entering customer data into forms is a necessary part of most online transactions, but just because it is a necessity doesn’t mean your business can afford to compound customer frustration by making the process needlessly complicated and drawn-out. While making sure your back-end website systems are optimised in terms of loading speed is critical, reducing the time users need to spend entering their details is equally important.

The value of auto-population

The potential impact of a slow, unintuitive customer data entry process online is most visible from an e-commerce perspective. According to Smashing Magazine, around 60 per cent of shoppers abandon their purchases after sending them to the shopping cart. That figure represents a massive loss of potential revenues, much of which could be recovered simply by optimising the transaction process.

Even shaving a few seconds of the customer’s valuable time off each interaction can make a big difference. There are many ways to speed up the process, but few are as impactful as including auto-population of certain fields into your forms. Research by Google has shown that by including auto-completion attributes on forms, users can complete them up to 30 per cent faster.

For certain organisations that require users to input a large amount of data – insurance or financial companies, for example – filling out a lengthy application form can take significant time. Providing a solution that auto-fills data can make life easier for customers, reducing the chances they will abandon the interaction and leaving them with an overall more satisfying experience.

Saving time is essential in the age of digital consumers. Saving time is essential in the age of digital consumers.

Address validation with Mastersoft

Mastersoft’s Harmony Suite is an ideal first step in smoothing out the customer data entry system. The software references the address databases from Australian and New Zealand postal authorities to verify accuracy, and intuitive auto-complete allows users to find and enter the correct address with just a few keystrokes.

Making the consumer journey as quick and painless as possible is the first step towards greater engagement and loyalty. In the face of so much competition – from both international and local online sources – there is no excuse for providing anything but the best to your customers.

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