Single Customer View

Customer information is critical to most business interactions, so it needs to be easily accessible.

A Single Customer View (or SCV) brings together all of the information you have about every customer, from all of your systems.

It allows you to see everything you need relating to a single customer regardless of where it is stored.

The Biggest Risk for an SCV

An SCV gathers the relevant subject matter for each customer wherever it is stored and deliver it to the point of action.

The biggest risk is linking the subject matter to each customer. Get this wrong and you could be linking information to the wrong customer, or miss information for the right customer.

This means you spend more time and effort finding the right data rather than trusting the SCV results.

Harmony solves this problem by creating accurate customer links regardless of differences in spelling, format and presentation of the customer data.

This results in reliable customer searches and you always get the right information.


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Mastersoft and SCV

Mastersoft has been delivering SCV solutions for over 20 years. We design and deliver the single customer view data architecture you need, on time and on budget.

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