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Harmony RightAddress 1.9.4 Release

We are pleased to announce Harmony RightAddress 1.9.4  Here is a summary of the main features of the this release. Introduction of the Reverse lookup functionality. This feature is a frequent request from our customers. It allows you to look up an address using a persistent identifier such as DPID, GNAF PID and CNAR ID.  Creation of new configurable address component as part of API lookup Introduction of a configurable option to standardise address components as part of the address output. Ability to separate Postal Type and Postal Number Postal…

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Mastersoft Announces PAF and G-NAF Link table

Alone, data isn’t much use to anybody. Isolated and unverified, it has little purpose beyond what is essentially an information opinion. In Australia, at least with regard to addresses, there are two high-quality reference sources available.  The first is the Postal Address File (PAF) – a list of all Australia addresses that Australia Post delivers physical mail to, compiled and managed internally by Australia Post.  The other is the Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF), based on registered sections of land by state and local governments. The G-NAF is collated from a range of…

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