Using Addresses as The Gateway to Spatial Customer Analysis

  A person’s address is a fundamental part of their identity, and accurate addresses are one of the most valuable pieces of customer data your organisation can obtain. For the effective delivery of all manner of services, it’s the first piece of information on the road to understanding your customers. The address itself is important, but once it is accurately verified and tagged with more specific spatial information, it can serve as the gateway to much deeper analysis based on your customers’ spatial location. Greater understanding of the characteristics of people…

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Adding Value to Your Business Intelligence with Geocoded Addresses

The Geocode National Address File, or G-NAF, is a geocoded resource for mapping purposes, and serves as a powerful way to analyse your data. Containing over 13 million Australian address records and geocodes, the G-NAF provides an authoritative source of information for businesses. This data can be used in a number of extraordinary ways – to determine planning for buildings and utilities, understand patterns in crime, design the most optimal route for postal services and assess an area for risk in the event of a natural disaster. However, spatial data is best understood when visualised…

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