THE ICONIC selects Harmony Hosted

THE ICONIC is Australia’s number one online retailer recording over 4 million page views per month.  They needed a quick and scalable address validation service to let customers rapidly enter accurate delivery addresses into the checkout page of their iOS app and web site. 

They wanted a solution that provided the optimal customer experience that would support the fastest possible ordering process.  It was crucial that the address service would be able to process significant amount of addresses every day.  

They chose Harmony Hosted Rapid Address validation to provide a flexible, scalable service that is mobile and desktop friendly and supports millions of transactions on their high volume e-commerce platform.

Harmony’s prebuilt Java API enabled THE ICONIC to have the software up and running within 2 hours.  The address service is now an integral part of THE ICONIC’s e-commerce experience.

Mastersoft is delighted to be part of THE ICONIC platform and look forward to working with them into the future.